Shumilino Regional Executive Committee

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Korotkina Street, 10 Shumilino, Vitebsk region 211160

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The emblem and flag of the Shumilino region was approved by Decree of the President of Belarus of January 20, 2006.

The emblem was owned by the Grebnitskiyes.

By the request of Antoniy Grebnitsky, Polish King and Grand Duke of Lithuania August Panetovsky granted the Magdeburg law to the town of Sirotino.

On January 12, 1767 the town received its heraldic symbol representing historical traditions and symbolizing the protection of civil rights and justice, the victory of the Orthodox values.

The emblem features a Baroque shield in gold radiance of the silver figure of Archangel Mikhail. In the right hand Archangel holds a silver sword and black scales, in the left hand – a silver shield with two gold moons and an unsheathed gold sword. Under Archangel Mikhail’s feet is a lying green snake with a black tongue.

The flag of the Shumilino region is a blue rectangular cloth with the region’s emblem in its center.

The flag and emblem of the Shumilino region are its official heraldic symbols, which belong to the region. The Shumilino regional executive committee has all rights of their disposal.