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Region Archive

19 February 2020
Vitebsk Lifts company has mastered the production of municipal special equipment. The company released the first experimental model of a garbage truck, its director Andrei Sidorov said
18 February 2020
On February 18, the first oblast forum of working youth will be held in Vitebsk, which will invite about 100 people working at factories and enterprises of the oblast
17 February 2020
Information for payers of compulsory insurance premiums and employees of organizations
14 February 2020
This year, Orsha Aircraft Repair Plant plans to build a new locksmith and mechanical workshop, told reporters, answering a question from BelTA, the company's general director Pavel Sluchak
13 February 2020
The 50th resident is registered in the administration of the FEZ “Vitebsk” - BelBank Limited Liability Company with Russian capital. The company will implement an investment project for the production of seamless and prefabricated cans for food
12 February 2020
Vitebsk Oblast Executive Committee announces an open oblast competition of innovative projects (works, activities) for financing from the funds of the innovation fund of Vitebsk Oblast Executive Committee in 2021
11 February 2020
How to restore your honest name and is it possible to live in a new house without water? Such questions were addressed by residents of the northern region of the country to the Assistant to the President - the Inspector for Vitebsk Oblast Anatoly Linevich
10 February 2020
Last year, APC “Larinovka” received more than 11 kilograms of milk from a cow. This is the best result in the country. For more than a year, the farm, under the leadership of experienced agrarian Alexander Kukhtenkov, has held the leading positions
7 February 2020
On February 11, 2020, from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. by telephone (8-0212) 68-00-76, there will be a “direct telephone line”
6 February 2020
Four years have not passed yet, how a specialized hall was opened in the regional center, which athletes had long dreamed of