Shumilino Regional Executive Committee

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Korotkina Street, 10 Shumilino, Vitebsk region 211160

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Region Archive

22 January 2020
More than 1 thousand students will become participants in the third (regional) stage of the republican Olympiad in educational subjects in the Vitebsk region on January 13-17, Elena Bogdanovich, the first deputy head of the main department for education of the regional executive committee.
21 January 2020
Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration Andrei Kuntsevich met with an asset of the Senno district of the Vitebsk region during a single day of informing.
20 January 2020
Organizations of the Ministry of Forestry in 2019 built and commissioned 17 forestry roads with a total length of 102.5 km (with the assignment of 100 km).
31 December 2019
27 December 2019