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28 February 2017

Union State MPs to discuss development of Belarusian, Russian flax industries

VITEBSK, 28 February (BelTA) - The draft concept of the program concerning the innovative development of the flax industries of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus will be discussed at the session of the Budget and Finance Commission of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Belarus-Russia Union State in Orsha on 28 February - 1 March, BelTA learned from the Orsha District Executive Committee.

An important issue on the agenda will be the preparation of the projects and concepts of the Union State. This issue will be considered in Orsha because Orsha Linen Mill is situated there. The enterprise was one of the major executors of the Union State program aimed at raising the profitability of production and processing of flax using progressive resource-saving technologies and equipment in 1998-2000. The plant will also participate in the new program of the Union State. The participants of the session plan to visit Orsha Linen Mill, meet with the senior personnel and hold on-site meetings to discuss pending issues and the efforts to accelerate the approval of the program of innovative development of the Belarusian and Russian flax industries.

Besides, the meeting will focus on the prospects of cooperation of Orsha District with Russian regions and the role of business in the development of regional economy on the example of the Orsha District.

Another key issue is the historical and cultural heritage of the Belarusian-Russian near-border territories, the potential and further development of the Union State. This topic is not only of geographic importance, the historical and cultural legacy of the near-border areas of Belarus and Russia is especially important in the year when the 950th anniversary of Orsha is marked. There are historic sites in Orsha District which are equally important for the two neighboring nations. For example, the Kuteinki Holy Epiphany Monastery is not only the largest Orthodox shrine, but also a cultural, educational, and art center. Such places are the sources of faith, spirituality, authentic talent and can become important tourist attractions, as well as subjects for study and discussion.

The Union State MPs will discuss other topical issues concerning the operation of the Parliamentary Assembly’s Budget and Finance Committee. In particular, they will submit proposals regarding the agenda of the forthcoming meeting of the Parliamentary Assembly, revise the progress in the preparations for the permanent seminar at the Parliamentary Assembly of the Belarus-Russia Union State. This seminar will focus on the main priorities and talks of paramount importance for the Union State, listen to the information about the operation of the working group in the preparation of the legal framework regulating the budgetary process in the Union State. They will also determine the potential members of the working groups on cooperation with Interparliamentary organizations of the Parliamentary Assembly.

The MPs will visit the enterprises partaking in government procurement contracts, coordinators and executors of the Union State programs. The MPs will analyze the operation of Orsha Linen Mill and other enterprises. The MPs also plan to visit a number of places of historical and cultural value to elaborate proposals for the creation of a joint tourist route of the Union State.


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