Shumilino Regional Executive Committee

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Korotkina Street, 10 Shumilino, Vitebsk region 211160

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Sports and Phusical Education

The region has one stadium, 19 sports gyms, 41 sports grounds. Football, volleyball and Greco-Roman wrestling are popular in the region.

The children’s sports school provides training to 348 children in volleyball, Greco-Roman wrestling and football.

Residents of the Shumilino region can join the volleyball section in the village of Kordon and the football section in the village of Sirotino.

In 2007 the volleyball team of Shumilino children’s sports school won the oblast championship.

Students of Shumilino children’s sports school Alexander Ivanovsky and Denis Adamenko play in the oblast volleyball team which won the third place at the Belarusian school Olympics.