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Korotkina Street, 10 Shumilino, Vitebsk region 211160

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Dear friends ! We are glad to welcome You as visitors to the official website of the shumilinsky district Executive Committee.

Dear friends!

Paths in the native villageAnd a song of light,and a magnificent loaf,Love for simpleShumilinsky landIn our soul, we generously open!

Shumilinskiy is the end with the heroic past, which is rooted in antiquity. This is more than 150 rivers, streams and blue lakes. This high forests and impenetrable swamps, it is the Eastern part of the landscape reserve with a rich variety of flora and fauna, monuments of history and architecture, amazing traces of ancient legends.

Today we can say with confidence that the current generation not only protects the wealth of achievements and acquisitions that we inherited, but also tries to replenish and multiply it.

The resources of the shumilinsky district allow us to maintain the necessary base of the construction materials industry, food and wood processing, and peat industries.

Time does not stand still, but priority tasks still remain such as providing people with life support, implementing social standards,improving the environment, and landscaping. Thanks to the support and participation of all enterprises and organizations of the district and the population, work is underway to improve settlements, territories of business entities, administrative buildings and the residential sector.

Much prettier a city settlement Shumilino, Central Park stadium, changing its look railway station and the road adjacent to it, as well as a road of national significance, passing through the town.

Shumilino is the venue of the regional humor festival "it's not a sin to Laugh", which has become the hallmark of the city, and you will get a lot of positive emotions by visiting it. The date of the festival is mobile and the festival is held once every two years.

The main pride and wealth of our district is hardworking, kind, open, talented and hospitable people who glorify our rich history of the region. Everyone deserves a word of great gratitude for their work, for the love and warmth invested in the common cause of developing the economy of our region, for their professionalism and patience.

Much has been done and is being done. And all this is done by the people who live and work here. And they do not work for the sake of awards, but simply on their conscience.

The younger generation has someone to take an example from. And I think that our initiatives and aspirations will find their continuation in the Affairs of the young. We are all working for the benefit of our district to change life for the better, make it more interesting, richer, and provide a decent future for our children and grandchildren in their native shumilinsky land.

There are few architectural monuments in the area. However, look at what is - in G. p. Shumilino preserved from the mid-nineteenth century railway station building, the only one uninjured during the war, in D. Victory Luganskogo village Church of the assumption of the blessed virgin Mary, the Holy Patanka in the tract Kazunogawa Sirotino selsovet, d. Gorki, near Dubasovo village boulder a Large rock, the largest boulder in the Republic of Belarus. The lack of attractions is compensated by the magnificent nature and cleanest lakes.

Due to the amazing nature, the area is suitable for outdoor activities. Many rivers and lakes will be a real find for anglers and those who prefer a relaxing holiday in nature to the accompaniment of "Nightingale orchestras". Shumilino was one of the four "Nightingale cities" named so by the Republican organization "Ahova ptushak Batskayshchyny".

Every resident of our district is close and dear to the history of their region . History doesn't have easy tasks and ready-made solutions. Each period presents its own issues, the solution of which requires the mobilization of strength and energy, mind and patience. Residents of the shumilinsky region can do this, because in their hearts lives and will always live a sacred feeling of love and pride for their small Homeland.

Let every year our little homeland-the wonderful shumilinsky region-becomes better, more beautiful and more comfortable!